Children with Anxiety Disorders

What Is the Best Way to Treat Children with Anxiety Disorders?

Anxiety is a common reaction for children. Normal anxiety starts in infancy and peaks at specific times of development during early childhood. In most cases, children outgrow their anxiety as they grow older and become more aware and efficient at regulating their emotions. However, some children don’t outgrow their anxiety. Instead, they experience unique challenges…

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How Can Grief Counseling Be Helpful?

The loss of a friend, relative or loved one is not something many people get over quickly. Few words can truly express how hard death can be on survivors. Although time does make it easier to live with their loss, sometimes, intervention is necessary. Everyone’s response to grief is different. Some individuals find it harder…

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How Are Anxiety Disorders Diagnosed?

Most of us feel anxious, worried, and overwhelmed from time to time. These feelings are normal when they arise occasionally. But anxiety might be the problem when symptoms occur without identifiable triggers and become more frequent or persistent. Anxiety can be helpful at times, especially when there’s a threat of harm. But everyday feelings of…

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