What Is the Best Way to Treat Children with Anxiety Disorders?

Anxiety is a common reaction for children. Normal anxiety starts in infancy and peaks at specific times of development during early childhood. In most cases, children outgrow their anxiety as they grow older and become more aware and efficient at regulating their emotions. However, some children don’t outgrow their anxiety. Instead, they experience unique challenges […]

What Are the Most Common Types of Anxiety Disorders?

If you’ve been feeling more worried or anxious than usual, you are not alone. Many people today feel like their anxiety, and stress levels are much higher than tolerable or normal. Every day, we are faced with stressful and unexpected situations that can make it difficult to feel calm and optimistic. But there is a […]

Mental Health’s Role in School Shooting Prevention

When highly publicized issues, such as the topic of school shootings, enter the public consciousness, opinions are had by all. In an ideal world, we would be able to take everyone’s opinion into account and then collectively come up with a solution. This does not happen in real life. Unfortunately, it is much more likely […]

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