Family and Couples Therapy in Los Angeles with Dr. Thomas Hughes

The ability to maintain relationships is a vital part of a person’s life. Conflict and uncertainty in relationships are inevitable, but also an expected part of life. In times when solutions to relationship conflicts are not clear, The C.U.B.E. is here to help. The goal of this practice is:

  1. For providers to connect with your family and understand the root of your conflict
  2. Uplift these relationships so that the true value can be realized
  3. Build skills to maintain these relationships
  4. Empower our patients to make appropriate relationship-related decisions.

Couple’s Therapy

Moving through the stages of life as a couple can be challenging. Phases of romantic relationships include, but are not limited to, dating, marriage, maintaining the romantic spark after years of marriage, parenting a minor or supporting adult offspring, or finding life satisfaction after children move out. The C.U.B.E. therapists can be helpful for all of these phases, and look forward to exploring appropriate solutions from a non-judgmental and neutral perspective.

Family Therapy

The family unit stands as a very important piece for the success and satisfaction of all members. Team work within these units requires effective communication and insight. The C.U.B.E. is comprised of providers highly invested in working toward strengthening familial bonds wherever possible. We seek to promote positive changes so that all members can benefit from the love and support that a family can provide.

Group Therapy

Coming soon.